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Falcon Firebreaks are a family owned and operated rotary hoeing and block slashing business, servicing Mandurah and surrounding areas. Fast reliable service, gets the job done right, the first time.

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Estuary Firebreaks Customers

Falcon Firebreaks recently acquired the Estuary Firebreaks name and business. This acquisition has allowed us to offer our new customers the same fast and reliable service that Falcon Firebreaks prides itself on. For any enquiries, please get in touch via our contact page.


Our Services

Rotary Hoe Firebreaks

On blocks that are more than 2023m2 in the Mandurah Shire, 2500m2 in the Murray Shire and 4001m2 in the Waroona Shire we will construct a bare earth fire break to the required width using a rotary hoe.

Large Scale Mowing

We are also able to carry out large scale slashing to reduce the fuel load or to just make your property more usable and accessible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation free quote.

Block Spraying

The benefit of spraying your block’s perimeter is to protect the fences from damage and rusting and to also keep your block looking neat and tidy. We offer both summer and winter sprays.


Vacant Block Slashing

We will slash your vacant block of long grass, small shrubs or any other vegetation that may be a fire hazard, to shire regulation height. The cut off dates are: Mandurah Shire – 17th November, Murray Shire – 30th November and Waroona Shire – 17th November. Or, within 14 days of becoming the owner occupier of the land. We can also arrange clean ups and tree lopping to make your block more appealing for sale.